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The World of Blogging: Can you help me help you?

Sound business advice tells me that I should Blog regularly or perhaps even daily to keep you informed about my business, my products and myself. What do you think? I read recently that 20,000 new people each day start a blog. Do you follow any blogs daily?

Are you a regular blog follower or reader? What interests you the most about your favourite businesses?

There are so many things I could tell you about: the balancing of life day to day in my little world, the products I make, the fabrics I choose to use, why I choose a particular pattern to use, future directions, my ideas for upcoming collections and where else you may find my wares at any given time. Do you know that I love the challenge of upcycling vintage pillow cases, tablecloths and doilies?

I would love to know what would interest you as a reader and supporter of my page and I can then answer your questions in my blog.

Thankyou for helping me help you get the information you would like from MelyndaMade.



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