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6 Reasons To Buy Handmade Clothing

I'm passionate about high quality handmade clothing. It was this passion that drove me to create MelyndaMade. There are many reasons why I believe you should buy Handmade Clothing and here are my favourite 6 reasons you should buy handmade clothing.

1. You are supporting a family you can put a face and name to. You are helping me to stay at home to play with, support and nurture my two amazing children.

2. Your purchases are usually unique so you will be the greatest gift giver at the party or the favourite Aunty, Uncle, Grandma or best friend until next time comes around. The time you put into selecting your gift shows how important your recipiant is.

3. Love and Passion are embedded in your item. Your handmade baby clothes may have taken a week to complete due to the love I have for my children when perhaps they are having a difficult time teething. At times I may only get to sew 30cm in a day. MelyndaMade is here so that I can spend the time with my amazing children while being passionate in completing your item to the highest standard.

4. Aviod the crowds. The ability to purchase quality handmade baby clothes online is so valuable in terms of saving your time organising yourself to get out the door, finding a car space, waiting at the checkout and getting home while the lights are flashing in the school zones. When you have Christmas shopping to complete you would be able to find all the gifts you could possibly need at a local handmade market that has easy parking and less crowds than a large shopping centre.

5. Customisation is unique to handmade as you can order a pair of shorts for your 3 year old son with a size 1 waist and size 4 length. When conversing with your handmaiden you can choose your fabric combinations for that special occasion with a style you had in mind.

6. Handmade is more environmentally friendly than large chain store products as there are less manufacturing processes, transport, chemicals , waste and at MelyndaMade there is no illegal labour.

If read this you are more than likely aware of one or six of these reasons. I do hope that you will continue to support handmade and MelyndaMade.

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