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Upcycle Challenge Complete

MelyndaMade Handmade Sustainable Fashion Blue Bodice

This is the final result of a challenge working with a limited amount of fabric using colours and embellishments that may not be usual for me. It is all part of #SHCGetYoSewOn phenomenon.

The Sustainable Handmade Collective have commenced a monthly challenge where we choose a bundle of fabric and embellishments that has been selected and we have approximately 2 weeks to create what ever we want. The finale sees the popular public vote just like any great reality TV show.

I chose this very pretty blue pack that had synthetic black lace - pretty - but the iron is not so friendly with this, yellow flowers, a pretty blue and brown floral sheet (I am guessing ) and a blue embroided tablecloth that I actually use regularly at home from my Grandma.

The possibilities are always endless as to what to make but I really wanted to feature the tablecloth as it reminds me of Grandma. I use my tablecloth on a card table when we have gatherings. The Playgroup dress allowed me to feature the blue tablecloth but I was limited to a size 2.

I always like a bit of quirky and left of centre so the asymmetrical lace was a given,

The rear ties are the trim that I unpicked from the edge of the tablecloth and the bodice is fully lined with the solid blue.

MelyndaMade Handmade Sustainable Fashion Blue Back
MelyndaMade Handmade Sustainable Fashion Blue Headband

The elastic on the headband is the only extra I added in so I could complete the outfit. A beautiful little pattern from the One Thimble. Miss L wasn't too happy with her picture as she couldn't see her beautiful face but she did do an excellent job showing you the headband.

I hope to do this all again next month and look forward to telling you about my creative choices. I do just need to be super quick on the 1st November to get a new pack.

So what do you think of my creation? If you do think it worthy then I would greatly appreciate a vote in the blue challenge for number 2. Take a look around at all the other creations on Instagram using #SHCGetYoSewOn.

Take care of yourself, hug those you love tight and call those people you haven't spoken to for too long...please.

MelyndaMade Handmade Sustainable Fashion Blue Playgroup Dress

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